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Theodoros Laddis, MD, Cardiologist

Cardiac Specialty Services

Theodoros Laddis, MD — I choose Saratoga Hospital

Randall Kimball, MD – I choose Saratoga Hospital


Dr. Rachid Daoui-I choose Saratoga Hospital

Drs. Capello, Yamada and Ortiz, Urologists. They Choose Saratoga Hospital.

Dmitri Baranov, MD, Phd, FACS, Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery – I Choose Saratoga Hospital

Carl Sgambati, MD, Mark Verra, MD, and Karen Schick, MD — I Choose Saratoga Hospital

Carl Sgambati, MD, Family Practitioner: “I choose Saratoga Hospital because I need total confidence that my patients will be cared for in a very personal way. They should get nothing but the best“

Mark Verra, MD, Ophthalmologist: “I trained at one of the top eye hospitals in the country, so I know what medical excellence is all about. The Saratoga Surgery Center is absolutely state of the art.”

Karen Schick, MD, Gynecologist: “I am able to provide robotic surgery because of Saratoga Hospital’s commitment to excellence. When my daughter needed surgery we came to Saratoga Hospital because of our confidence in their superior care.“

Jonathan Gainor, MD — I Choose Saratoga Hospital

Jonathan Gainor, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon:

  • Fellowship in Adult Reconstructive Surgery at Anderson Orthopedic Research Institute.
  • Referred complicated cases from physicians all around the region.
  • Performs Tissue Guided Partial Knee Replacement —a procedure offered at only 15 hospitals in the nation.
  • Because of his advanced screening, and, if necessary, treatment for MSRA.

William Gusten, MD — I Choose Saratoga Hospital

William Gusten, MD, Gastroenterologist:

  • Specializes in all aspects of Gastroenterology with a clinical expertise in Gastroesophageal disorders, such as the treatment of Barrett’s esophagus.Dr.
  • Gusten scores in the 99th percentile in national patient satisfaction ratings (the highest rating available) in every category of measurement.
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