Mental Health

Mental Health

PLEASE NOTE: For Outpatient Services, please refer to the Saratoga County Mental Health Center at 135, South Broadway, Saratoga Springs, 518-584-9030.


Psychiatric services at Saratoga Hospital are available through our 16-bed Inpatient Mental Health Unit. Care in our inpatient unit begins with a thorough assessment by a psychiatrist, certified social worker, and registered nurse.


Depending on the needs of the patient, treatment could involve any or all of the following therapeutic components:

  • Comprehensive evaluation
  • Individual therapy
  • Family education
  • Patient education groups
  • A variety of therapeutic activities
  • Medical evaluation and medication
  • Case management
  • Coordination of outpatient care after discharge
  • Referral to substance abuse treatment as indicated

Admissions are limited to those patients ages 18 or older, directly under the care of our attending psychiatrists.

Licensed by the New York State Office for Mental Health.

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