Nutrition Services

Nutritional Services at Saratoga Hospital

Nutrition Services at Saratoga Hospital cover a comprehensive range of medical nutrition therapies to meet the individual needs of patients. Expert staff members take the time to address your questions and concerns about eating well, work with you to develop healthy lifestyle habits and tailor their recommendations to your specific goals.


We offer a broad spectrum of services to help patients lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy food choices. Our registered dietitians are available to work with you, one on one, to develop a customized, personalized nutritional plan. They have extensive training, and success, in helping people make lifelong positive changes. They work with you to develop a strategy of small manageable changes over time and are there to support you every step of the way.

We understand the needs of today’s busy individuals and their families. Your plan will be based on science, research and proven strategies to help ensure your safety and success. Plus, it will include practical options that will work best for you.

Our registered dietitians are:

  • Certified by New York State
  • Dedicated to their profession. Many have master’s degrees or advanced credentials in nutrition specialties, such as diabetes training and weight management.
  • Experts in developing customized plans to meet your needs and goals. As a result, we consistently receive high scores for customer satisfaction.
  • Available to provide lifelong, non-judgmental support and the extra motivation that can make all the difference when challenges arise or the going gets tough.

“Our customized plans are based on science, research, and proven strategies. They include practical options that meet the needs of today’s busy individuals and their families. Our registered dietitians provide lifelong, non-judgmental support and the extra motivation that can make all the difference when challenges arise or the going gets tough.”

  – Lisa Hodsgon, RD, CDN, CDE
    Clinical Nutrition Manager 





Outpatient Nutrition Services are available at the following locations:

Evening hours are also available at Wilton Medical Arts


Click on any service to view more information. 

Please note: A physician referral is required regardless of insurance coverage and can be faxed to 518-886-5880. Once we receive the referral, we will contact you to schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. Because many insurance companies cover these services, we encourage you to check with your insurance provider before scheduling an appointment. If it does not include coverage, Saratoga Hospital’s Financial Assistance Program might be able to help. Please call (518) 583-8343 to learn more.

For other questions, please contact Nutrition Services at call 518-886-5121.

Weight Loss Management

We will help you safely reduce calories and develop skills and strategies to improve your long-term health and well-being. After your individual consultation, we’ll provide the information, tools, and skills that can help you develop, and stick with, a weight loss plan that meets your individual needs and goals. Free community education programs, offered on a monthly basis, aim to educate our patients and community members on how to live a healthier lifestyle. For more information on our non-surgical weight-loss management options, call Outpatient Nutrition Services, 518-886-5121.

Diabetes Training and Management

Through our diabetes self-management training, individualized counseling sessions, educational classes and support services, you will receive the tools and information needed to enjoy a healthy, active life with diabetes. Our trained experts are here to help you develop a practical plan that works for you. As your needs change over time, they are here to adjust your plan to change with you. For more information, call 518-886-5121.

Eating Disorders

Registered dietitians are trained to work with individuals who have been diagnosed with eating disorders or other weight-related mental health issues. They work closely with trained behavior therapists and counselors to coordinate ongoing treatment and support.

Food Allergies and Sensitivities

Our skilled registered dietitians work with individuals who have been medically diagnosed with food allergies, intolerance’s and sensitivities. They take an individualized approach when working with patients to help them navigate a healthy diet despite some medical limitations.

Heart-Healthy Eating Plans

For those with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, we use the latest research on heart disease to assist patients to adopt heart-healthy eating habits. They have a wealth of education and resources at their fingertips and their personalized approach supports patients as they adopt new behaviors and habits.

Sports Nutrition

The team of Saratoga Hospital registered dietitians understands the role of good nutrition to maximize physical performance. They work with patients to tailor eating plans to each athlete’s physical activity regimen, based on individual sports, to ensure adequate energy intake and optimum performance.

Preparation for Bariatric Surgery and Ongoing Post-Operative Support

The Saratoga Hospital registered dietitians work with patients to promote healthy weight management using safe and proven individualized strategies and eating plans. If patients have tried every other option and are interested in exploring bariatric surgery (or weight loss medication options, the team of registered dietitians who are part of the Saratoga Bariatric Surgery & Weight Loss Program can guide you through the process, explain pros and cons and support you along the way.


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