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International travel can present its share of health risks, especially if you’re not prepared with the appropriate vaccinations, medications, and information on healthy travel practices. We specialize in creating customized risk-reduction plans for our travel patients.

Your pre-travel consultation will include the following:

  • Consideration of country-specific health hazards
  • Routine, recommended, and required vaccinations. We are a certified yellow fever vaccination center
  • Personalized travel consultation for individuals and families
  • Prescriptions for anti-malarial drugs and other travel medicationsCouple on a Tour
    Recommendations for over-the-counter medications to prevent conditions such as traveler’s diarrhea, altitude sickness, and sea sickness
  • Advice on other supplies such as mosquito repellent, hand sanitizer, personal water purifier, emergency food and beverages, and first aid kits
  • Consultation and assistance for pediatricians and other primary care providers

Call us as soon as you begin planning your trip.

  • Most travel vaccines must be given at least two weeks—preferably six to eight weeks—before your trip. Some will require more than one office visit, so it’s important to allow plenty of time. In some countries, you will be denied entry unless you can prove you received your vaccine at least 10 days before your arrival
  • Our Travel Medicine team will review your travel itinerary and medical history, will consider international travel requirements, disease outbreaks, and other conditions that can affect your trip, and will use this information to develop your personal risk-reduction plan

Other helpful resources

For detailed, up-to-date information on the health risks of traveling to specific countries, turn to:

Appointments are required. If you are traveling as a family, we recommend that you make an appointment for a family consultation.

For more information:

Read the Travel Medicine FAQs

Call 518-886-5419 and ask to speak with our Travel Medicine Nurse or send an email to

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