A Brief History

Saratoga Hospital today

Saratoga Hospital owes its existence to a small group of women who were determined to meet their community’s desperate need for medical care. Through their efforts, Saratoga Emergency Hospital was incorporated in December 1891. The Hospital opened its doors less than four years later, in July 1895.

Saratoga Hospital circa 1895

In the more than 100 years since then, both the Saratoga region and its hospital have changed dramatically.

Today, the region is known far and wide for its historic racing, unique attractions, and year-round quality of life. And the once 20-bed Saratoga Hospital is the anchor of a healthcare system that offers a complete range of services to help ensure the continued health of our patients and our community.

The relationship between the community and the Hospital has grown stronger with each passing year. Two early volunteer organizations—the Flower and Fruit Mission, established in 1904, and Saratoga Hospital Volunteer Guild, founded in 1948—continue to provide essential support. At the same time, the community-at-large consistently joins the Hospital in investing in technology, facilities, and services.

Saratoga Hospital circa 1998

Together, the community and the Hospital remain true to the vision of our founders. Like them, we are committed to serving our neighbors by making sure they have access to the care they deserve—right here, in the region we all call home.

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