Ensuring Patient Safety

You may have seen news reports about disinfection issues for certain types of endoscopes.

  •  The scopes in question are called duodenoscopes. They are used for procedures on the gallbladder, pancreatic ducts, and bile ducts. (They are not used for colonoscopies.)
  •  We have used these scopes for years and have never had a problem with infections.
  • All of our scopes are high-level disinfected, in accordance with FDA and manufacturer instructions for cleaning and reprocessing.
  •  As an extra precaution, after high- level disinfection is complete, we test the duodenoscopes for bacteria. If any are detected, we begin the 79-step disinfection process all over again. And we repeat the process until the test results come back clean.
  •  100% of our eligible Central Sterile Supply technicians have earned certification from the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD)—a distinction shared by very few New York hospitals.
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