Inpatient Portal How to Enroll

Enrolling for our Inpatient Portal

Our inpatient portal allows patients easy, immediate, secure and free access to their health information from anywhere with an Internet connection. Through the Saratoga Hospital Patient Portal, patients are able to view and download, from their homes or other locations, select lab results, discharge instructions, and other clinical information.
To enroll while you are a patient in one of our facilities:

  • Provide your email address to our registration staff.
  • Look for an email from Saratoga Hospital that contains a secure, unique link for you to complete registration.
  • Confirm your name, date of birth; enter the temporary password
  • Then choose a username, password
  • Once enrolled, log into your account

What is the temporary password to activate my account? –saratoga

How do I get to my patient portal? Click on the patient portal button on the Saratoga Hospital website.

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