Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services at Saratoga Hospital

Our highly accredited laboratory service centers offer the full spectrum of quality, routine bloodwork and other laboratory diagnostics.

Quality science with rigorous standards, right here at Saratoga Hospital.

Our Laboratory Services Centers’ expert team of pathologists, scientists and phlebotomists provide a wide scope of laboratory diagnostics, including child-friendly blood draws, screening tests of blood and urine, infections disease testing, women’s health testing, blood banking and surgical pathology, among many other services. Through our affiliation partner, Albany Med, we are also able to provide advanced tissue, cellular, and DNA/RNA testing, including molecular, chromosomal, and biochemical genetic tests.  Home visits are also available under doctor’s orders for those patients unable to travel to one of our drawing sites. Dedicated attention to quality and care goes into each test, delivering timely and accurate results directly to your provider.

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These services are provided at a variety of locations. Please refer to each service to see if it’s is offered at an exact location.

Saratoga Hospital
211 Church Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518-583-8440

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Malta Med Emergent Care
6 Medical Park Drive
Malta, NY 12020
Phone: 518-289-2024

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Saratoga Hospital Medical Group Primary Care –
510 Geyser Road
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
Phone: 518-289-2725

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Saratoga Hospital Medical Group Primary Care –
200 Broad Street
Schuylerville, NY 12871
Phone: 518-695-3668

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Wilton Medical Arts
3040 Route 50
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518-580-2273

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Infectious Disease Testing

Using advanced techniques such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), these tests are used to diagnose and treat infections such as pneumonia, strep throat, MRSA, sepsis, meningitis and urinary tract infections.

Saratoga Hospital→           Malta Medical Park→            Wilton Medical Arts→        Primary Care Milton       Primary Care Schuylerville

Blood and Urine Testing

Often the first lab tests performed, these tests are frequently screening tests to check for early signs of illness such as heart disease, infections, and cancer, as well as bleeding/clotting disorders. Blood and urine tests may also be used to monitor diabetes and kidney disease. The hospital lab operates 24/7/365 to provide rapid diagnostic lab services to our most critical patients.

Saratoga Hospital→           Malta Medical Park→            Wilton Medical Arts→        Primary Care Milton       Primary Care Schuylerville


Trained phlebotomists provide 24-hour coverage to inpatient areas of the hospital. For outpatients, we offer several patient service centers. All offer child-friendly blood draws. Tests include complete blood count (CBC), basic or comprehensive metabolic panels, lipid panels, liver panels, prothrombin time, and hemoglobin A1C, among many others.

Saratoga Hospital→           Malta Medical Park→            Wilton Medical Arts→        Primary Care Milton       Primary Care Schuylerville

Home Draw Services

Home draw services are available for patients who qualify, such as homebound or post-surgical patients with restricted or limited activities. Please call 518-580-2542 for additional information. A Home Draw Request Form AND the test requisition is required. The home draw will not be scheduled without the required written documentation.

The program operates Monday through Friday within a twelve mile radius of the Saratoga Hospital. Appointments are scheduled according to our pre-determined routes.

Cytology and Anatomic Pathology

These hospital-based medical specialties provide microscopic diagnosis of disease from surgical tissue, biopsies and fine-needle aspirations by board-certified physician pathologists. Our cytology service also includes Women’s Health Testing such as Pap Smear examination for premalignant changes and early detection of cervical cancer. 

Saratoga Hospital→   

Blood Banking

Blood banking involves the collection, testing and storage of blood and its components for patient transfusion. Additionally, we provide the essential service of typing and screening donors and recipients to assure that blood transfusions are compatible and safe. The Blood Bank operates around the clock to support emergency transfusions for traumatic injuries and other life-saving procedures.

Saratoga Hospital→   

Albany Med Regional Reference Laboratory (RRL)

This collaborative service, established with our affiliate partners, keeps reference lab services right here within the Capital Region. The Albany Med Regional Reference Laboratory offers expertise and an extensive test menu of the region’s only university hospital to augment the excellent laboratory services provided by Saratoga Hospital. Daily couriers and secure data transmission allows for advanced, rapid, and seamless diagnostic service to our patients.

Saratoga Hospital→           Malta Medical Park→            Wilton Medical Arts→        Primary Care Milton       Primary Care Schuylerville


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