Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine at Saratoga Hospital

Our Alfred Z. Solomon Emergency Center provides an advanced diagnostic and treatment facility with highly-trained professionals, day and night every day of the year, so patients can be confident high-quality emergency care is always nearby. 

Minutes matter, so we are ready 24/7 when life and limb are on the line.

Our numerous Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Emergency Medicine providers are specifically trained to quickly identify, evaluate, treat and stabilize patients with life- or limb-threatening injury or disease. Saratoga Hospital’s Alfred Z. Solomon Emergency Center is equipped with the latest in diagnostic equipment and treatments, ready for cardiac, respiratory, or other acute illness as well as fractures, overdoses, allergic reactions, and more. Our skilled emergency staff are prepared for any emergency, including pediatric, disaster, and medical toxicology including occupational and environmental toxicants. Should it be necessary, we can quickly stabilize and airlift patients to other area facilities with dedicated resources for their particular trauma.

Please note: Patients with life-threatening illnesses or in need of immediate treatment are seen first. Malta Med Emergent Care at Exit 12 or Urgent Care at Wilton Medical Arts at Exit 15 are ready to provide quick service for minor injuries and illnesses.

Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Emergency Medicine

Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Emergency Medicine offers our patients an outstanding team of highly experienced, residency-trained physicians and advanced practice providers, most of whom are board-certified. Employing the state-of-the-art equipment and advanced diagnostic techniques, our team specializes in acute illness diagnosis, trauma care, and resuscitation. Highly trained to quickly identify a wide range of injuries and diseases, they rapidly stabilize and seamlessly transition patients to the appropriate specialists or facility, if needed. Our affiliation with Albany Med provides a direct link to the only pediatric emergency center in the Capital Region, and enables us to continue to attract top physicians to our Hospital.

“Saratoga Hospital’s commitment to emergency care can be seen in its serious investments in high-tech equipment and recruitment of top physicians and advanced practice providers. I can’t speak highly enough of our nursing staff. I am proud to serve our patients—many who are having the worst days of their lives—right here where we have all the resources we need to treat them to the best of our ability.”  

  – Timothy A. Brooks, MD





Jameel Ali, PA Janice Ceccucci, NP Michelle Frollo, PA Lauren McWhorter, PAC Clara Somoza, DO
Kelly Bailey, NP Blair Ciccarelli, PA Daniel Gold, PA Paul Meier, PA Carsten P. Stracke, MD
Betsy Becker, PA Steven Clark, PA Laurie Gorgas, DO Minday Mifsud, PA Stephen Verdini, DO
Jason Edward Bernad, MD Kathleen Cornell, NP Daniel Janssen, PA Peter Moleski, MD Martin Weitzel, DO
Robert Bielawa, PA Paul Dittes, MD Kendra Kline, NP Amy Morelli, PA Jacquelyn White, PA
Colette Blackington, NP Stanley W. Docyk, MD Rebeka Lange, PA Michael Murphy, PA  
Ioliene Boenau, MD Danielle Dolhenty, PA Arlene Law, NP Laura Newey, FNP  
Lauren Bolan, PA Robert Donnarumma, MD Veronica Lema, PA Laureen Perry, PA  
Timothy Brooks, MD Todd Duthaler, DO Adam Lloyd, PA Bradley Rice, PA  
Christine Calistri, NP Joanna Erwin, PA Tara Manny, PA Joanna Robben, PA  
Jennifer Case, PA Pedro Ferrando-Ross, MD Joanne McDonough, MD Donald Sheeley, MD  

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Alfred Z. Solomon Emergency Center
211 Church Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518-583-8313

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Private Rooms

We offer 36 private rooms, including trauma/resuscitation bays, isolation rooms, acute care room, a separate psychiatric/drug and alcohol treatment area, and a designated area for those with less serious illnesses. All of our rooms have a flat screen TV and free Wi-Fi.

Alfred Z. Solomon Emergency Center

Well-equipped Treatment Rooms

Our state-of-the-art treatment rooms include full cardiac monitoring and advanced equipment ready to meet any emergency need.

Alfred Z. Solomon Emergency Center

Specialty Care Rooms

Laser and microsurgery of the ear can repair a host of problems in the tiniest structures of the ear. Our expert surgeons perform myringotomies (ear tube surgery), repair perforated eardrums, remove tumors, and, depending on the type of condition, can restore hearing loss.

Alfred Z. Solomon Emergency Center

Pediatric Emergencies

Our Emergency Center is ready for young patients with dedicated equipment suitable for child-sized needs, specialized pediatric blood draw program, a comprehensive anaphylaxis protocol, and tools such as quick-numbing spray, colorful tourniquets, and distraction toys to foster a better patient experience. For serious trauma, we can stabilize and airlift to Albany Med if necessary. All or our Emergency Center nurses are certified in neonatal resuscitation from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Alfred Z. Solomon Emergency Center

Dedicated Imaging

We have a dedicated imaging suite, including X-ray and CT equipment, within the Emergency Center to help speed examination and diagnosis.

Alfred Z. Solomon Emergency Center

Medical Helicopter Access

Our emergency center is equipped to quickly stabilize and transport patients to Albany Med, if needed

Alfred Z. Solomon Emergency Center

Updated Emergency Care Experience

We continually seek new ways to reduce waiting times and improve the emergency care experience. Recent enhancements include streamlined triage and registration process, so patients are examined sooner, and electronic tracking board and electronic health records, resulting in increased efficiency, better communication among healthcare providers, and enhanced safety and quality.

Alfred Z. Solomon Emergency Center



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