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Inpatient Medicine at Saratoga Hospital

Hospitalists specialize in treating hospitalized patients from diagnosis through recovery and discharge home. Because hospitalists don’t see patients outside the Hospital, their expertise is available to inpatients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We are here to help you get better—soon. 

Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Inpatient Medicine provides the numerous, skilled physicians who are dedicated to caring for hospitalized patients. These physicians, known as hospitalists, are trained to deliver care for a wide variety of diseases and conditions, from fractures to pneumonia, overdose to migraines, and anything that would cause a person to be hospitalized. Working with an outstanding team of nurses and specialists, your hospitalist will admit you, diagnose you, and follow through on your care throughout your stay, including providing referrals and resources to make your transition home seamless.

Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Inpatient Medicine

Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Inpatient Medicine provides a skilled team of numerous hospitalists, the physicians that admit and monitor patients as well as oversee their care throughout their hospital stay. Hospitalists will arrange for any specialist consultations, if needed, and arrange for support services that may be required after our patients leave the Hospital. Once discharged, your primary care physician will handle any follow-up you may need.

Many of our hospitalists are board-certified, and all employ the most up-to-date equipment and advanced diagnostic techniques to help patients of all ages recover from the illness, injury or condition that brought them to our Hospital. The clinical focus of hospitalists is caring for hospitalized patients, a training that is grounded in general internal medicine, although some have board certifications in other areas such as family or emergency medicine. These physicians are committed to providing personalized, compassionate care when patients are feeling at their most vulnerable, and they are dedicated to helping you return home safe and sound.

“Although many hospital stays are planned, for some patients, they start their day not knowing that they’ll end up here. Either way, our team of highly trained and compassionate hospitalists are here for them every step of the way, even when they are feeling at their most vulnerable. We’re here to help you get better so you can return home safe and sound.”  

  – J. Robert Hayes, Jr., MD





Claudianus, H. Bourne, NP Brandon Lundgren, PA Suzanne Rayeski, DO Timothy Waters, DO
Enrico A. Bravo, MD Heather Madigan, D.O Timothy Reed, MD Mark Weidner, MD
James Corwin, MD Mikhail Mavashev, MD Eric R. Santell, RPA-C Nancy Werner, PA-C
Catherine Dawson, MD Jean Mischler, ANP Alicia Skinner, RPA-C Jennifer Lynn White, DO
Kevin M. Dooley, MD Seana Mosher, PA Jacqueline Smith, DO  
Robert J. Hayes, Jr., MD Scott Newton, MD Derek W. Smith, MD  
Talara Hedgpeth, NP Stephen R. Offord, MD Jordan Thiem, PA  
Yulia Kirkpatrick, NP Hope Okoroh, FNP Colleen Tillson, FNP


John Koella, MD Bert William Pyle III, MD Maria Vivenzio, DO  
Sergio Lema, MD Hope Raggs, NP Qiong Wang, MD, PhD  



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Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Inpatient Medicine
Saratoga Hospital
3050 Route 50, 2nd Floor
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518-587-8400
Fax: 518-587-4155

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Our highly skilled hospitalists will provide a comprehensive evaluation of our patients, ordering labs and imaging as necessary and utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to determine the cause of a patient’s distress and assign the appropriate diagnosis and treatment

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The hospitalist provides care throughout the patient’s stay in the hospital, answering questions and following through on the treatment, making adjustments as needed for each unique condition.

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Coordination of Care

Our hospitalists coordinate with the patient’s primary or specialty care physician, making sure the patient’s team of providers is informed and consulted as needed.

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Transition Home

The hospitalist will make sure our patients have the referrals and information they need for continued follow-up care with the primary or other specialist physicians, assuring a seamless transition from the hospital to home or other care location.

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