Diabetes Education and Management

Our diabetes self-management training and support services provide the tools and information that can help you enjoy a healthy, active life with diabetes.

Services are available at the following locations:

Services include:

  • Diabetes: One Step at a Time, an education program for people with diabetes and their families. Offered monthly, the program takes a practical, informative approach to managing diabetes. The program focuses on the seven steps to successful diabetes self-management and how to apply them to everyday living. A physician referral is required, and there is a fee to attend. Participants are welcome to bring a support person at no extra charge. Some insurance providers cover the program cost, so please check before registering. If your cost is not covered, Saratoga Hospital’s Financial Assistance Program might be able to help.
  • Individual diabetes education sessions, featuring a certified diabetes educator who will provide training on blood glucose monitoring, insulin pump therapy, and insulin administration.
  • Individual nutritional counseling sessions with a registered dietitian who will work with you to develop a personalized nutrition plan that is based on your individual health, lifestyle and nutrition goals.
  • Seminars and other nutrition-related community education programs, provided free of charge throughout the year.

For more information, call 518-886-5121.

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